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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pakistani Currency Notes

While searching for my course book I found an old note of Rs 5 which brought back me in my childhood memories when I just take Rs 5 for lunch for my school time (don't ask me how much I spent at my uni in a day). So this gives me an idea of posting all the old/replace notes on GET ALL HERE, so here they are with some description. Thanks for banknotes for providing me all the snaps.

1) 10 Rupess (1953)

2) 10 Rupees (1957) (Park)

3) 50 Rs (1957) (M.Ali Jinnah, Sailing Ships)

4) 5 Rs (1972-78, M. Ali Jinnah)

5) 10 Rs (1972-75, Shalimar Garden)

6) 50 Rs (1972-78, M. Ali Jinnah, Sailing Ships)

7) 1 Rs (1975, Tower)

8) 1 Rs (1983, Tomb of Allama Mohammed

9) 5 Rs (1975-84, Railroad Tunnel)

I will post more, please add your replies.


aMmAr said...

nice post HASSAN... You surely knw how to come up with something amazin

xpikon said...

Thank you Ammar. This is most appreciative comment I ever get.

Sharuk said...

Interesting post indeed!!
Pak Currency lost its value these days. I don't think people care about 1 rupee bill as they use to 20 yrs back. Economist say Pak is getting better and better but inflation is at its peak. Pak is amazing country with surprises in disguise. ;)

xpikon said...

Thx for ur comments Sharukh and u just expressed my feelings in ur comments

Asma said...

Lovely pics :)

xpikon said...

Thank you Asma

Ilyas said...

These pics has renewed my past memories. thanks for including these pics.