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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Khuda Kay Liye (2007)

A powerful script has been an enigma to Pakistani cinema for more than two decades now. Once this industry was ruled on the basis of powerful writing but this art was long forgotten until now. Shoaib Mansoor has worked really hard on the script, though there were a couple of loose ends to the script but the captivating second half keeps you at bay from anything lacking. Shoaib Mansoor; the director, has worked with quite a few D.O.Ps for this film and it clearly shows as the continuity is broken several times but all this can be ignored, thanks to some brilliant acting by Shaan and Naseerudin Shah. Fawad and Iman has done a commendable job given that it was their first film. There were some technical glitches as well but again nothing unforgivable. The film carries a very important message about not to stereotype things and also confronts the world to the fact that Islam is not about fanaticism. A religion cannot teach terrorism and Islam is no different it only teaches you love peace and submission. Islam means submission and how can submission be violent. The film confronts many ironies about the religion and is very well scripted. A definite watch for everyone, be it Muslim, Muslim Lover or hater!

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Enjoy the film.

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