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Monday, April 21, 2008

10000 BC Soundtrack

01.Front Titles (02:47)
02.Mountain Of The Gods (01:57)
03.Spoken Truth (03:03)
04.Passage Of Time (02:44)
05.The Hunt (02:09)
06.Cebrating (01:27)
07.Never Brave (01:51)
08.Eve Of The Tiger (01:42)
09.A Leader Comes (02:28)
10.Terror Birds Attack (03:24)
11.The Blood Of Hunter (01:52)
12.Food Found (01:58)
13.Moving (01:15)
14.Oceans Of Sand (02:42)
15.Wisdom Earned (01:42)
16.My Father (01:07)
17.Sign Of The Hunter (02:48)
18.The Mannaks (01:50)
19.End Credits (02:58)

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